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Hello,  my name is Lynn.

I’m a free-spirited woman.

Welcome to my blog as I take you on the journey of a woman in her third trimester of life as she walks to the beat of her own rhythm.  You would think by now I would’ve conformed to mainstream living but for some reason, I resist it.

I was raised in a rural community in the midwest where dad worked and mom stayed home and emulated June Clever’s life.   I dreamed of growing up, getting married, having children and a wonderful middle class life;  like my parents had given me.  I’d have warm cookies baked when the kids got home from school and a lovely dinner ready for my husband.  Seriously, this WAS my dream!!!  It wasn’t until after divorce when I learned that dreams aren’t necessarily reality.  You see, I’ve been out of high school 40 years and of those years I’ve only been married 8 1/2 of them.

When I reached middle age, I learned I was an independent, free spirit and it was time to let my spirit soar!

“Instead of living the life I’d imagined, I’m living the life that presents itself.  Everyday is a new opportunity and I wake up and hit the ground running, eager for adventure.” Self quote.

In addition to sharing my life experiences, I’ll also take you on culinary adventure.  I have an obsession with food and I LOVE to cook!  I cook, eat and share my recipes.  Bon appetit ~

I hope you find humor, inspiration and a few good recipes for life and cooking as you read my blog.  Enjoy!


On Rue de Lille, Paris
2014 On Rue de Lille, Paris


You can reach me at contactfreespiritedwoman@gmail.com or leave your thoughts in the comments.


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