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I’ve been blogging as The Free Spirited Woman for a little over a year now.  Prior to that I published a blog called The Forever Foodie.  After several years as a food blogger I decided to make a change, feeling locked into writing about food only.  I discovered there was more of me that I needed to introduce; my need for adventure and the curiosity I have for life.

Blogging is somewhat of a discovery about one’s self; perhaps uncovering a talent for writing, story telling or simply an outlet for thoughts, opinions and feelings.  A bit of an online journal if you will, published for all to see, giving readers a glimpse into the soul of the writer.

I find it interesting how many individuals have an opinion about bloggers; what compels a person to expose themselves on a public platform, they can’t seem to fathom why anyone would do that.  Perhaps it’s their own fear of themselves “coming out” in a sense.  Fear of being known, accepted or rejected.  I guess you have to be comfortable in your own skin in order to risk that kind of exposure.

Blogging isn’t necessarily easy, there are times when blog topics are abundant in my head and the words flow through my fingers as I type a draft on my iPad.  Then there are times I have writers block, I simply cannot come up with any topic that would be interesting to a reader and worth writing about.  It wasn’t until recently that I learned it wasn’t writers block at all.  I discovered I wasn’t nourishing my creative appetite that in turn inspires the thoughts that I turn into words.  Ahhh….self-discovery.

For me, self-discovery is an on-going journey, a road map to my soul.  Delving into an off-road path to places I’ve never been before only to be guided by my internal compass in the direction between wrong, right and somewhere in between.  The terrain is varied as I strive to stay on a smooth and steady course to learn, stretch and grow.  Challenged to find the balance as I arrive at the corner of Complacency and Contentment.

As I strive to feed my creative appetite and become a professional blogger, I decided to take a blogging course.  Today’s post is my first assignment….to write about myself.  I hope you join me on my journey as I take my blog to the next level while sharing my adventures, travel, friends and of course food!  I encourage you to officially “follow me” by signing up and having my blog posts personally delivered to your email.

My hope is that my blog inspires you to do some self-discovery of your own.  Perhaps you’ll join me and challenge yourself to try something you’ve always wanted to do; whether it be a career change or taking up a new hobby, whatever it may be please feel free to comment on what challenge you’ll be working on and we’ll go on this journey together… in self-discovery.




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