Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks
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Several people I care about just got the news.  Brain tumor-stage 4.  Breast cancer-stage 2.  And then there are people I don’t know well, acquaintances, but I know their story; uterine cancer-back after remission, bone cancer-just finished chemo, breast cancer- just finished radiation.

As I write this, my cousin Kim was just transferred into the recovery room after a 6 hour surgery, double mastectomy.  She got the news a little over a week ago and had to make a difficult decision.  She chose a double even though a lump was found in only one breast.  Kim has walked the 3-day and been a volunteer for years in support of woman and breast cancer.  And now breast cancer has come to take a walk with Kim.  But if there’s anyone who can fight this battle, it’s Kim.  I’ve admired this young woman since I was a child even though she’s ten years younger than me.  Kim is calm, steady and one of the kindest people you could ever meet.  She will win!

Friday night I’m attending a benefit for my good friend Brian who has a brain tumor, stage 4.  Brian is 45 years old.  Brian was diagnosed June 24th and has since been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Brian and I have exchanged playful banter for years and share a mutual admiration for each other.  He’s a good man, works hard and values friendship and good times.  Like anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s not fair this has happened to Brian.  But if there’s anyone up for a good battle, it’s Brian.  Brian is a fierce competitor, and Brian will win!

I had my own scare two years ago when I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells.  And due to the fact I am a DES daughter my doctor recommended aggressive action, a total hysterectomy.  Done.  No chemo or radiation.  Although fortunate in my outcome, I feel guilty when others didn’t have the same good news.

My blog follower Sue, I don’t really know you but I think of you often and pray for you as you endure your battle and when I tell your story of how my blog posts bring you inspiration, I cry.  You go girl, I’m sending you good energy everyday.  You will win!

Please send good energy to those you care about who are fighting a battle with cancer.  Cancer sucks!







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3 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks”

  • We just attended a funeral on Saturday. He was my friend, a good man and ran a great, small business. He just turned 50 in February, fought Pancreatic Cancer for 9 short months before it took him. It’s rough, really rough. Cancer Sucks!

  • You write so well Lynn, that even when you write about something as sucky as cancer, it holds everyone’s attention. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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