The Hurricane

The Hurricane
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She arrived on an early January morning; a beautiful pale pink, feminine featured girl. Grandbaby number two, a third generation of curly haired girls. Accurately planned, twenty two months after little mister was born.

Quite honestly, I don’t remember much of her as a baby because she was perfectly-perfect. She caught on to breast-feeding quickly, slept through the night, transitioned smoothly to solid food and a bottle, etc. She was such an easy baby. And then one day…

She began crawling and the winds of the hurricane have never stopped swirling since. She’s our spirited child. She caught on to things quickly by observing big brother. Hurricane doesn’t miss a thing, even when she’s in a different room playing she’s listening to all other conversations going on in the house.


We often wondered if she had the disease where a child doesn’t feel pain because she was so rough and tough when she took a tumble. Anytime she fell she’d get right back up and go back to what she was doing, never flinching in pain, no tears. She’s a bit of a tomboy, yet loves all things pink or as she calls it “light pink”. She’s aware of gender roles which makes us laugh “that’s for girls, right grammie”. She has her own vocabulary just like her mother did at her age. Hurricane calls yesterday “last morning”.


And oh, how she loves her babies. She plays with them like they’re fine china; a natural caretaker as she delicately holds and kisses them. She could play house for hours on end and makes her brother be the daddy. And then proceeds to boss brother around! Oh my gosh, where did she learn that? Not from my daughter because her hub would quickly put wife in her place if she tried telling him what to do! Lately when Hurricane asks her brother if he wants to play house he says yes, but I don’t want to be the daddy. Too funny!


The Hurricane is 3 now, full of energy like the energizer bunny! She’s a little jokester, quite comical for being so young. Her teasing sometimes feels like torment for big brother, though it teaches him patience and it teaches her when enough is enough.


They’re a good balance of individuality. She’s full throttle 99% of the time. Takes action before thinking; is loud, spontaneous, assertive and yes, sassy! We wouldn’t want her any other way. She’s also very kind, sensitive, thoughtful and aware of the feelings of those around her. She’s gifted with a free spirit and has acute intuition like her grammie. She’ll navigate well through life once she learns you can’t put a square peg in the round hole. Seeing so many of my traits in her, I’ll keep a watchful eye to make sure she channels that energy in the right direction. Protect her from throwing caution to the wind and help her learn how to use her creative mind to do great things. She’s a natural leader and I can’t wait to see who she’ll grow up to be. One thing I do know, she’ll be a strong, independent woman like the generations before her.


She is my sunshine!


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