Goodbye, My Auntie, Goodbye

Goodbye, My Auntie, Goodbye
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It’s a great big world, a great big moon, it’s a great big sky and a great big love for you, Auntie Jo.

My Auntie was my mother’s younger sister, a twin to my aunt Cloe Ann.  My Auntie and I had a special connection based on love, appreciation and admiration.  At times a disconnection from a deep connection because sometimes time and distance does that.  Disconnnected by distance, but not disconnected by heart.

My Auntie was greeted into heaven today by her daughter Mary, husband Cliff, her parents, brother Tom, my dad, along with sister-in-laws Marcia and Margie.  I look forward to the day I meet you there, Auntie Jo.

You’re an angel, you’re my angel, deep in my heart and even deeper in my soul.

My Auntie had the most beautiful heart; unconditional, forgiving.  Kind.  A heart so big; strong, tender and full of love.

Lay down and rest, my Auntie, lay down.

A fierce and loyal friend; my auntie.  Your beauty and grace Auntie Jowill always surround me, protect me as you watch over me.

I’ll feel your love, feel your light shining over me today and everyday forward.

Your love will fill my emptiness.  Your love and strong belief in God is my tether to a higher power because I will follow you on every highway to your soul because your road to human kindness is the road where I want to go.  My shadow will follow you.


So lay down softly in our sorrow, lay down softly and drift goodbye.  Your years of love lay down gracefully and drift with the angels because now is your time.  Your time to rest, your time for life to be easy, your time to take a deep breath without pain.  Today is such a day.

Goodbye, my Auntie, goodbye. I love you.

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye, My Auntie, Goodbye”

  • Thank you, Jeanne, she was a very special woman and I’ll be forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

  • Thank you, Kim. We all have a heavy heart right now, we just have to take it one day at a time. Hugs ~

  • Aunts Jo has linked your heart to hers in hope that you”ll continue to listen for her wisdom and hear her whispers of love Lynn. A woman so filled with Love is a gift from God. How blessed you have been to be given such a wonderful gift ~ a loving Auntie. I will pray for her soul and for you always to be open to her whispers of love. Your words are a touching gift to her. How splendidly they are said. Peace and hugs to you my friend. ~Jeanne

  • Lynn, she loved you so much. Hearing from you was always the highlight of her day. I’m so glad you had that special bond with her. I know you will miss her as much as we will. Thank you for being with us during this difficult week, it meant so much to us. I love you. Kim

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