Overnight Ghosts in Lyon

Overnight Ghosts in Lyon
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When I talk about my trip to France in 2014, this is one of my favorite stories to tell….

We had uninvited guests in our hotel room last night!

Insomnia hasn’t been a problem this week since we’ve been walking miles and miles each day and last night was no different.  Turn out the light, put my head on the pillow and fall fast asleep until morning.

Last night I woke up from a dead sleep to voices in our room. Incessant chattering in French.  I couldn’t understand it but it was happy chatter, giggling, like people were having a party but were talking softly so as not to wake us up.  I lay still, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from.  I heard no foot steps from the floor above nor from the hallway outside our door.  The voices were in our room!

After listening for about 10 minutes I decided I needed to get up and visit the bathroom.  Once I started to stir in bed the voices stopped.  When I went back into bed and got comfortable the voices quietly started up again.  I eventually fell back to sleep as I wasn’t afraid because they were friendly voices.

Fast forward to morning….Kate and I decided to sleep in today and woke to the sound of alarm at 9:30.  We were silent for a few minutes as we wake up.  Then Kate sat up in bed and said she had woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom so she sat up and said she felt a presence and looked across the room and saw someone sitting in the chair.  She immediately put her glasses on but saw no one in the chair and thought no more about it, just that it was weird.

I then proceeded to tell of my experience from the middle of the night and how strange it was we both sensed ghost visitors yet neither of us felt threatened or fear. Friendly ghosts in a historic building in Old Lyon, it made our visit to Lyon even more exciting!

We spent the afternoon shopping for souvenirs for friends and family and picked up a few things for ourselves. Being I have an affinity for funky boots, I couldn’t resist the beautiful fine Italian leather boots at a little boutique. They have a leather sole so I know I’ll have these forever, I can always get them re-soled if they wear out, right???  It made sense to me. Viola, a girls gotta live!  Check out the Manfield boots online, I haven’t figured out the exchange from € to $, ignorance IS bliss and I feel no shame!


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