Paris – Day 10

Spring in Paris is magical and when you factor in a trip to Monet’s Jardin quite honestly you’d think you were in Oz.  Enjoy day 10 as I revisit my spring in Paris, 2014….

I really am beginning to lose count on what day it is, it seems like I’ve been here forever.  The French language is flowing as fluently as the wine.

This morning we caught an early morning train to Vernon, then a bus to Giverny to see Monet’s Jardin (garden) and home.  Breathtaking.  I shot over 100 hundred beautiful photos.  The Jardin just opened April 1st so we were a bit early to see it in full bloom but what we did see did not disappoint us at all.  I thought of so many friends who love gardening as much as I do.  The ponds were beautiful, you could see the inspiration for so many of Monet’s paintings.  I especially enjoyed the Japanese jardin.

From there we traveled back to Paris for an evening of shopping in honor of Kate’s upcoming birthday.  I told her to pick whatever she wanted as a memory of Paris.  After much trying on of jewelry, purses, etc., Kate decided on a Longchamp purse.  Longchamp and of course, mama needed a new purse too!
Dear Visa, my card wasn’t stolen it’s just been on a little adventure of it’s own.

After stirring up a bit of economic activity in Paris we walked along the Seine sporting our new handbags and enjoying the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower before settling into the cafe around the corner from our apt. for Vegetable Lasagna, Duck Confit and Biere.

Tomorrow morning we’re up early to capture our final day in Paris. Kate just commented “mom, my feet are sore”, I responded with my hips are sore.  The 7-10 miles of walking around Paris everyday is worth every minute of the pain!

Bonsoir amis ~


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