Paris – Day 5 – 2015 Revisited

I’m in a funk today…quite frankly I’m homesick.  This feeling has been tapping me on the shoulder since Tuesday…the first anniversary of my 2nd tour of France.  It was today (Saturday) that Kate and I settled into our tiny apartment on the east edge of the 7th Arrondissement.  And although a year ago, the memories are as current as yesterday.

Rather than write an entirely new blog post I thought I’d repost my adventure in the coming days as my daughter and I toured a small area of France.  After cleaning the house this morning I made a latte and opened my travel box where I keep my maps, guide books and small keepsakes from my adventures.  I’d waited all week for this moment.  As my eyes followed our steps to our favorite coffee shop-3 doors down from our apartment and the sidewalks that led us to our favorite restaurants, I turned the music box to the tune of La Vie en Rose.  Enjoy the journey as I did a year ago…

This morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the left bank to the 7 Arrondissement to our apartment for the final 7 days of our trip.

The 7th Arrondissement is a quintessential Parisian neighborhood. If I’m going to treat my daughter to a trip to Paris, I’m going to do it right! Our apartment is a stones throw from many of the city’s landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Musee d’Orsay. We’re one block from River Seine. I’m telling you, with the shopping, dining and living alongside Parisians, this is Paris as we’ve imagined and dreamed it to be!

Our apartment is adorable! It’s in a very old building that has been renovated to today’s amenities. It’s classic with the main door entry from the street that takes you into a courtyard then to another door to our wing of apartments. For two interior designers we are loving the quaintness of the architecture. Once we walked into the door area where our apartment is located there’s a spiral staircase that leads to the 3rd floor where our apartment is located. Very narrow and steep. Right, and I have a suitcase that weighs 49 pounds! Fortunately, I do push-ups everyday and practice removing corks from bottles at least 3 times a week so I’m in pretty good shape and had no issue tackling the stairs with my beastly bag.  

As I write this, we’ve unpacked and have examined the kitchen to determine what essentials are available to do some fine cooking. Kate suggested we cook our first meal in proper Julia Child fashion with Boeuf Bourguignon. Perfect.

We’ve walked a 2 block radius of our neighborhood and have scouted out the butcher, the baker and the cocktail maker. Rue de Lille is starting to feel like home.  

For those friends following me, I’m having difficulty syncing my iPhone with my iPad so pics are few. I’ve posted a ton of photos on Instagram. Dori, tell Lefty he’s right about the two pair of shoe limit. Debra, I think about you everyday and can feel your spirit with me in Paris. Jeanne, hugs my fellow energizer bunny.

Au revoir! We’re off to Musee de Orsay across the street.



  1. Brings me back too. I can’t believe more than a year has gone by! We especially enjoyed the time we spent with you and Kate in your beloved Paris. So nice you two were able to stay on and make such special mother-daughter memories! I’m looking forward to reading more.

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