Paris – Day 6 – Revisited

Lacking energy is rarely a term someone would use when describing me, but on our 6th day in Paris we were worn out; jet lag had caught up with us.  Unfortunately at the time of the original post I was relying entirely on my iPhone for blog post photos but since it’s after the fact, I’m going to insert some favorite photos….even though the post makes mention of not being able to post photos.  Be sure and swipe through the photos and enjoy……….

Oh my goodness, we were able to get 10 hours sleep last night!  That was more than I’d gotten the 4 nights prior in total!  We both awoke refreshed and ready for a full day.  Agenda: Sainte Chapelle, Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the Marais neighborhood, the Latin Quarter along with revisiting Notre Dame.

Today was a photographers dream! I fell in love with my Nikon even more.  I’ve been taking a photography class since January and today was the day to put my new skills to the test.  Kate with her Canon and I with my Nikon pushed our lenses to the limits.  Unfortunately these photos will have to wait until we get home to be downloaded. I sacrificed laptop space for a pair of shoes.  We snapped spectacular photos of architecture, stained glass, doors, doors and more doors.
The highlight of the day was visiting Pere Lachaise cemetery and the grave site of Jim Morrison.
Tomorrow morning we’ll board the high speed train to Lyon, France where we’ll be staying for a couple of days. Lyon is known for being the foodie capital of the world so there’s no need to wonder why we’re going there!  We’ll visit Old Lyon and meet-up for dinner with a guy I met in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris two years ago.  You just never know where you’ll meet new friends!

Au revoir!


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