Pennies from Heaven

Happy birthday dad, it’s your day and I will celebrate you!

My dad had a really beautiful heart unfortunately it didn’t work very well. He experienced his first heart attack at age 54. Then another at age 57 which resulted in open heart surgery and triple bypass. Even though he was an athlete throughout his life; cigarettes, stress, Manhattan’s and rich food got the best of him. He was forced to retire at age 57 due to a very weak heart.

Dad enjoyed retirement and continued to stay active after moving to Arizona. His softball team celebrated the honor of Senior Olympic Champions while playing in Ireland. Dad continued to surprise us with an occasional hole in one while golfing even though we were never able to convince him to switch to right handed clubs!

From the time of his death in 1998 at age 66 I began stumbling upon heads up pennies. As a child when I would find money on the ground dad would tell me not to pick it up unless it were heads up. So here are these pennies suddenly appearing…heads up. They seem to appear at times when I need his strength and wisdom. I call them my pennies from heaven and I pick up every single one and have them placed around my home, in my car, my backpack, purse, etc. My daughter doesn’t understand my obsession with these pennies. One day when I’m gone she’ll understand their importance and may even continue the collection should she begin discovering her own.

I love you, dad. Happy Birthday!!!


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