Suck it Up Sister, Your Vacation is Over

Suck it Up Sister, Your Vacation is Over
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It seems like December 20th was months ago, it was the first day of my 16 day vacation.  Technically I only took 5 days vacation but with all the holiday time-off from the company I work for, it turned out to be 16 days of much need r & r.

So what does one do with so much time off?  Well, I finished up my Christmas shopping….Christmas is a distant memory isn’t it.  Funny how that works considering we put so much time in the preparation and in a blink, it’s over.

I got together with friends and went out for dinner…lots of dinners…let’s see, I had pizza one night, scallops another, a surf and turf of grilled prawns and a 6 oz. tenderloin another night.  Then there were the evenings I had friends over for dinner for good ‘ol home cooking.

I went to a basketball game.

I ran into someone I had just met months earlier in Boulder, CO…I love these kind of random happenings!

I also had time to nurse a cold and the flu…oh what a joy that was.  It’s seems I’ve been afflicted with some kind of illness the past few Christmas’.  I do have to admit though, I enjoyed sleeping in a few mornings, which is rare for this early riser.

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve.

I got to spend time with my auntie and one of my cousins.

I said goodbye to a dear friend who lost his battle with cancer.

I spent a day with fellow foodies as we crawled Central Avenue of north-east Minneapolis on a Cheap Eats Tour.  Our Tasty Speck group continues to grow and become more active as we share our passion for food and good conversation.  I’m looking forward to more of these events in 2015.  And it looks like the next one may bring us to my hometown for Bockfest in February.

I played Barbies with The Hurricane.

I did lots of cooking; an Italian feast for our family Christmas on the 26th, prime rib on Christmas Day, red Thai curry on NYE and Spanish paella on the eve of back to work.

I cheated and worked a little to stay on top of email so the day back to work wouldn’t be overwhelming.

I connected on the phone with a long-lost Canadian friend I had worked with in the mid-nineties.  I worked in a local office and she worked in the Canadian.  Visiting with her, well, let’s put it this way, we just picked up where we left off.  That’s how those things go with good friends.  We caught up on family, work, travel and vowed to stay in touch.

I reflected and digested 2014.

I’m a little scuffed up and bruised after falling off the Paleo wagon, but I’ll be back in the driver’s seat in one sleep.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work, chatting with colleagues and excited about developing a new work routine.  So excited in fact that I may even treat myself to a new carry-on bag.  Life is good!

I’m sure many of you are like me if you’ve had time off during the holidays; your brain is going through a process of mental preparation today…for what’s to come tomorrow.

Enjoy your final hours and take on tomorrow with reckless abandon!




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