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Spanish Seafood Paella

Spanish Seafood Paella

For good reason, paella is a summer favorite in Spain, it’s the season that walks hand-in-hand with fresh fish and seafood.  There are a kazillion recipes online for paella so this one is really a combination of many.  Traditional paella dishes typically consist of chicken, […]

Classic Seafood Paella

Classic Seafood Paella

This tasty feast is widely regarded as Spain’s national dish, but most Spaniards consider it to be a regional Valencian dish.  I saw a lot of paella being served up at markets throughout France and interesting enough, even though we all regard it as a […]

Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools

Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools

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After recently selling the cabin and hauling all my kitchen items home I realized my kitchen tools look like they’re about to embark on Noah’s ark because I own 2 of everything. It forced me to trim down, clear out and prioritize my kitchen cupboards and drawers.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to give up these tools even though they’re duplicates?  Here is a list of my top 10 favorite kitchen tools.

1.  Spreaders   


Whether used for butter or soft cheese, a spreader is a necessity and especially for those of us who enjoy throwing a dinner party now and then.  I’ve always had a love affair with spreaders.  I own 8 different patterns of spreaders,  I can’t even tell you which one is my favorite because I spread the love equally among them.


2.  Le Creuset Skillets

My dad was a great cook and one of his favorite pieces was a black cast iron skillet.  He took great pride in caring for it to prevent it from rusting.  While I appreciate old school cast iron, I’ve learned to love the convenience of Le Creuset enameled cast iron.  I recently perfected omelets and cast iron is definitely the secret to its success.


3.  Mini Pilsner Glasses

A Bloody Mary with a 2.5 oz. beer chaser is the perfect double date.  I came upon these mini pilsner glasses at a pub in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I had to have them.  Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

4.  15″ Paella Pan


Whether it be for Paella or Fideua, this one pan meal is my idea of a convenient dish, yet impressive.  This 15″ Paella pan must be accompanied by a pitcher of sangria for optimum flavor!

5.  Beverage Pitcher


Whether filled with Sangria or water flavored with lemon and thyme, a pitcher is a must have.  When I have guests I like to serve water in my grandmother’s pitcher or an old wine bottle.  I prefer clear glass, just a personal preference.  And here’s a tip on the Sangria, you can cheat and buy the box Sangria … pour it in a pitcher and throw in some sliced fruit.  Voila!

6.  Stainless Steel Tongs




RÖSLE stainless-steel tongs are designed for easy one-handed operation, with an automatic lock that opens when they’re pointed down and given a little squeeze, and closes when they’re pointed up.  Nifty, that’s all I can say!  These make great gifts for grill lovers, especially with Father’s Day approaching.


7.  Henckels 4″ Paring Knife

This is such a versatile little knife.  You pay a price for quality Henckels knives but they’re worth every penny.  I also like Wusthof&cm_sp=OnsiteSearch-_-GlobalNav-_-Button&cm_type=OnsiteSearch”>Wusthof , either way, pay the money and purchase good knives.


French Press8.  Coffee Press

This stainless steel French coffee press is a treasured tool in my kitchen.   Even though I drink decaf!   I know.  There’s something decadent about making French roast coffee and letting it steep for a few minutes before savoring its richness.   I love the ritual involved in the process.   My French press has a double-wall of stainless steel so it provides great insulation for hot or cold beverages.


 9.  Waring Pro Blender

Yes, I joined the green smoothie rage so this appliance gets put to use each morning for what I call my Sunshine Shake.  Drink up Sunshine, I know it’s hard to choke down with no Vodka in it!  I found my blender at a thrift store for $15.  I googled it and found that this commercial blender retails for $359 brand new.  Sold!  Now I launch my day with a blend of unsweetened almond milk, berries, kale and a banana.  Nummy!



 10.  Epicurean Cutting Board

This is an eco-friendly product made right here in Minnesota!  I own two of these Epicurean boards.  What I like most is that they’re easy on the blades and they’re dishwasher safe without warping.  This is also a tool that makes a great gift for foodie friends.


So there you have it, my Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Tools and a happy daughter who is the recipient of all the duplicates.

Bon Appétit!

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