Taking down the decorations…

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed ringing in the New Year!  The weeks leading up to each holiday were wonderful.  I had friends come to visit, a canine guest, spent treasured time with my little family and enjoyed quality time with my three bff’s; Me, Myself and I.  Everything about the holiday was extra special this year.  Or maybe it’s that I appreciate friends and family more and more as I grow older and have a better understanding of how short life really can be.

Tonight I took down the Christmas decorations and it was like enjoying the holiday all over again.  With each bulb I removed I heard the squealing of The Hurricane wiggling her way around under the tree determined to find one more gift hidden away.  And the giggling of Little Mister while watching Home Alone for the 30th time and reciting “Merry Christmas you filthy animal”.  So many great memories to pack along with the decorations.

Here’s a final peek into my home at Christmas before I unplug the last of the twinkle lights and a take another step forward into 2016.




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