Time to Shift

Time to Shift
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Whoa….you must be saying, did Lynn’s blog get hacked, there’s a new post!  I know, right?  Yes, it’s been awhile and oh, how I’ve missed writing.

There were so many signals that kept luring me back to blogging that I couldn’t possibly ignore any longer.  I sat next to a woman on a plane and she was a lifestyle blogger, a friend’s husband started a blog that motivated me to write again, another friend mentioned last week that she missed my blog posts, then today the massage therapist at my chiropractor mentioned blogging to me.  What more did I need besides a slap on the back of my head, to get my attention?  It’s time to shift priorities and start writing again.

So as I drift back and forth peacefully in a hammock, enjoying this beautiful August evening in Minnesota,  I’m putting together thoughts to resurrect my blog.  I got to thinking about what I’ve published in the past couple of years; nothing funny, nothing adventurous.  A sporadic recipe randomly published, that’s it.  I guess I was going through a dark period.   That occasionally happens in life.  I just needed to let it run its course, for however long it needed to take.  I’m sure it had something to do with whatever phase the sun and moon were in or my animal in the Chinese New Year.

A couple of weeks ago I felt the dark cloud beginning to lift.  I announced to a friend on Sunday that I’mmm baaaack!  Thank you Tammy, one of my dearest soul-sisters!!

So after a couple of years playing ring-around-the-rosy of death, I’m ready to let my grieving fall down like ashes and get back to doing the things I enjoy; writing, travel, adventure, interior design and cooking, along with of course, sharing those experiences with you!

Staying within the order of the aforementioned enjoyments, just typing these first few paragraphs feels good.  My fingers are delighted with their navigational adventure around the keyboard tonight.  A million thoughts whirling around in my head while my fingers race to keep up.  A flurry of  words find their way to the tips of my fingers, rather than the daily work terminology of profits, warranty, promotions, partnership and Zoho.  Oh, how I love to write, in my mind I can even hear the whizzing of the return on a typewriter!  Here we go…

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been doing my fair share to keep the airlines in business that’s for sure!  I’m about 4000 miles away from earning Executive Platinum status with American Airlines.  No bragging rights really.  As a bona fide homebody it about kills me to pack a suitcase some weeks.  Well, it really depends on which direction of the country I’m heading.  Now if it’s personal travel, my bags are packed and ready to go because I love the adventure of exploring a new city, state, national park or just being on the open road.  I’ll share my latest travel destinations in a separate post coming soon.

Back to the order of my guilty pleasures, I moved into a new home late last winter and have been busy decorating.  For years I’ve said I wanted to build one more house and 2016 was the perfect storm of low interest rates, the home I owned was in a sought after neighborhood and I found the perfect development to build in.  I’m fussy and wanted a custom home, what can I say, I’m not a cookie-cutter kind of girl.  So there you have it, another blog post to look forward to and a peek at my interior design abilities.

And last but certainly not least, is my passion for cooking.  I didn’t give up cooking while I was on my time-out from life sabbatical, I posted a recipe here and there.  But recently I threw a cleaver of sorts into my cooking passion.  You see, part of the reason I built a new house was to host cooking classes in my home, once I retire.  Now I have a kitchen with an island that could serve as a landing strip for Flying Cloud Airport, so plenty of work space for cooking class participants.  And as for that cleaver I mentioned…I became a vegetarian, the vegan kind of vegetarian.  There, I said it.  It feels a bit like a “coming out” statement.  I’m sure there’s a big word for the kind of vegan-vegetarian that I am and I could probably locate something about it in a google search, but quite honestly, I’ve walked to the beat of a different drum my entire life and I’m not feeling the urge to put a label on this new eating lifestyle.  So, however you classify a vegan that eats wild caught fish and seafood, and indulges in leather shoes and purses…that’s me.  A purist vegan is probably hating me right now.  But now that I think about it, perhaps I’ll call myself a practical vegan.  There, how’s that?  It wasn’t difficult to give up meat but when it comes to my favorite food there is no substitute in the world for real cheese, that’s where the practical comes.  I love pizza and I haven’t had pizza since going vegan about a month ago, but when I do, it’ll be the real deal cheese and do I look forward to it!

Speaking of pizza, you have another blog post to look forward to.  I will introduce you to the wood-fired pizza oven being built in my backyard.  Hence, why I’m not aboard the give-up cheese bandwagon.  Son-in-law and I have been working endlessly on the oven and I’m hoping to have it completed this weekend.  So followed by a couple of weeks of burning wood as I slowly raise the temperature to cure the concrete dome, I’m in business.  Exciting, huh?  And if I get my pizza oven skills honed, there may even be a pizza making on the class menu next summer.

So as I shift into another phase of life, I think there will be much to write about.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and always offering words of encouragement!





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  • Je suiis ravi que vous soyuz de retour et que vous partagez less adventures d’une femme libre! XO

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