Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday
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After the Throwback Thursday post I got to thinking it might be fun to post a Top Ten list on Tuesdays. I may eventually run out of topics but I think I’ll give it a twirl and see where it takes me. On my 5 hour drive on Monday, I came up with Top Ten ideas for the next 18 Tuesdays. Lack of words has never been an issue for me…lack of attention span, now that will be a challenge. Let’s see where it goes….I’ll try not to make this all food related AND will leave out listing my grandchildren because they go beyond an obsession!

Top 10 Obsessions of The Free Spirited Woman

10. Road trips – Alone or with a friend the road is my destiny. I’m looking forward to an upcoming road trip over the Fourth of July. God bless America for our freedom!

9. Cycling – I’ve always loved to ride bike. As a child I would ride for hours around our little town and up the big hill to get home. Today, finding the time to ride is a challenge but I still manage to get in about 40 miles a week.

8. Bar soap – There’s something about holding a big bar of soap that smells oh, so good. I acquired this obsession while visiting my grandmother. She always had a fresh bar of white Ivory soap by the sink. Maybe that’s where I picked up my OCD tendencies. Hurricane Stella has this same obsession, she calls it “Grammies fancy soap”.

7. Starbucks – Green Tea Latte, whole milk, no sweetener. Matcha tea fuels this energizer bunny every morning. If I’m not buying one on the road I’m steaming up the milk on my espresso machine at home.

6. Automobiles – Even though I don’t own a car, I look forward to the day I do. There are no bragging rights driving the company SUV, but I have owned some nice wheels in my day. As a teenager most girls had Bobby Sherman posters on the wall of their bedrooms, I had Porsche posters on mine. Ever since I purchased a Subaru in 1976, I’ve remained loyal to Japanese and German engineering. I dream of what my next vehicle will one day be. I’m hoping they bring back the original body of the VW microbus, now that would be a nice retirement ride for Miss Daisy!

5. France – Anything and everything French. Food, fashion, decor…..Paris or Provençal influenced, I love it!

4.Being single – I love it! Does it get lonely? Never. Do I worry about spending the rest of my life alone? Never. I’ve haven’t met a man who gives me the space I need to me so instead of obsessing about not finding the right guy, I embrace my singleness and enjoy life!

3. Music – Latin jazz – Antonio Carlos Jobim is one of my favorites. If you’re local, check out Robert Everest .

2. Bubble baths – A good soaking at the end of the day to dissolve stress while sipping a glass of wine and listening to Pink Martini radio on Pandora.

And my number one obsession is….
1. Place settings – A snazzy way of saying dishes. Oops…it’s food related but it’s my número uno obsession. It’s all about the presentation and nothing tastes better than a meal served on a lovely plate dressed up with a vintage tablecloth and napkin. DECADENT!

What are some of your obsessions?

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday”

  • Well perhaps I’ll have to do a blog post on entertaining and the basic “stuff” to have on hand.

  • I am unsure about my obsessions, but I wish I had the talent & patience to make a delicious dinner party look even fancier with a pretty place setting. I just do not have that stuff. Maybe you can give some ideas on how to make your dinner party elegant for someone who is not crafty or patient with the fine details. I do appreciate & notice all those details though!!

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