War & God Thru the Eyes of a 5 Year Old

War & God Thru the Eyes of a 5 Year Old
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I always used to say, if you want to talk to your kids, go for a car ride.  I did that with my daughter and I’d find out more than I really wanted to know.

Today, I had my grandchildren in the car and I think car rides have the same affect on them as it did on my daughter decades ago.  Have a listen….

Little Mister:  Grammie, look it, there are four planes flying together!

Hurricane Stella:  Wow, that’s awesome!

Grammie:  Yes, Gavin, that’s our military, maybe the Air Force.  They must be practicing flying so they can protect our country.

Little Mister:  Is that the Army?

Grammie:  No, the Army works on the ground.  There are 4 branches of the military and the Army does all their work called missions, from the ground.  The Air Force does their work in the air.  There is also a Navy and they defend our country from the water.  And then there are the Marines, I think they help the Navy.

Little Mister:  Do they go to war?

Grammie:  Yes.

Little Mister:  Is there a war going on right now, grammie?

Grammie:  Yes.

Little Mister:  Where?  (ugh)

Grammie:  Well we just dropped bombs on bad guys in Syria, there’s also a war going on in Afghanistan, and a war in Sudan.  (my little guy doesn’t need to hear about the Ukraine, etc…)

Little Mister:  Are those places on the other side of the world?

Grammie:  Yes, sweetheart, way far away from us.

Little Mister:  Will the bad guys come get us?

Grammie:  No, that’s why we have the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force protecting our country everyday.  (whew, I think we’re about to wrap up this conversation)

Little Mister:  Grammie, God doesn’t like bad guys, he only likes good guys. (here we go again)

Grammie:  That’s right!  Who taught you so much about God?

Little Mister:  My friend Joey, he’s 10 and he knows about a lot of things.

Grammie:  Joey sounds like a nice friend.

Little Mister:  Grammie, why is there war?  (bang my head against the headrest)

Grammie:  Because people fight about God.  People believe in different things about God and everyone thinks their way is the right way to believe in God.  They think God wants control of countries so they cause  war and fight.   But God just wants everyone to be good and love each other.

Little Mister:  Yeah, God likes nice people doesn’t he, Grammie.  God doesn’t want us to fight with people.

Grammie:  Well, we fight in wars for other reasons too.  We fight to keep oil safe in other countries, in places where a country is our friend, because we don’t have enough oil in our country so our friends give us oil.  We need oil to heat our homes when it’s cold outside and to put gas in our cars.

Little Mister:  Why don’t we have our own oil?

Grammie:  We have some of our own oil but we need more oil from other countries because we have lots of people here in our country.

Little Mister:  Maybe God will give us some oil if we’re nice.

Grammie:  Maybe.

Little Mister:  I like Joey, he’s my friend.  He’s ten.

Hurricane Stella:  I like Joey too.[shareprints gallery_id=”3561″ gallery_type=”squares” gallery_position=”pos_center” gallery_width=”width_80″ image_size=”large” image_padding=”0″ theme=”dark” image_hover=”false” lightbox_type=”slide” titles=”true” captions=”true” descriptions=”true” comments=”true” sharing=”true”]

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