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Yoga + Hike Bend Retreat is Open!

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Take time out for yourself for adventure, build a deeper connection to self and sisterhood!

Embrace what comes up. And go for walks and explore your surroundings and process your thoughts and fears while discovering new parts of yourself and the outdoors.

This retreat will help you to take a break from your everyday life and finding time for yourself to recharge and reconnect with your true self

Being in a grounding place with people you get to learn with, experience beside and share with is a huge step in working through any sisterhood wounds you may have. This is the place of possibilities where friendships blossom.

Disconnect to Reconnect 

Take time to disconnect from your everyday stresses. Disconnect from your work. Disconnect from your phone. Disconnect from everything that is draining you that keeps you living in the mundane

Reconnect with your deepest desires. Reconnect with your soul. Reconnect with what you have always wanted to do in your life. By taking a step back and nurturing our mind, body and soul, we are able to reconnect and truly listen to what our heart wants and needs.

I'm so excited to share a piece of my passion for living yoga on & off the mat

Yoga is more than just the movement, it's more than just a "workout" it's living life with purpose, passion, intention to do no harm to yourself or to others. To feel more connected to yourself...mind, body, soul connection and to spiritually connect to the universe. How we live is how we do everything in our lives, so how do you want to live?

Hi! I'm Jen Fish

xoxo, jen

Press pause on your day to day life to reflect, release and renew. Stop settling and live a f*ck yes life!

If your ready to seek out meaningful experiences through exploration, relaxation, self-improvement, and a little fun in the sun, this retreat is for you.

Learn simple ways to practice yoga on & off the mat while exploring how to live your Dharma

Refresh your sense of mind, body, soul and renew your sense of adventure!

What you Gain From this Retreat Will Surprise you.

Make positive changes in your life, whatever that might mean for you.

You may find yourself outside your comfort zone.No matter what you’re used to, it’s likely that the retreat will present some uncomfortable situations, alongside the magical moments. As the saying goes, there’s no growth in the comfort zone, so embrace anything that seems uncomfortable or different. You might be surprised by how much you learn from it.

Adventure, Connection & Sisterhood

  • 3 Days & 2 Nights in a Glamping Tent
  • Guided Full Moon Ritual
  • Yoga Asana, Breathwork & Meditation
  • Mountain Hike
  • Free Time to Explore the Lake
  • Meals Included: 2 Dinners, Lunch & 
        2 Breakfasts

  • Mini Oracle & Tarot Readings
  • Intention Setting + Self Discovery
  • Campfire Ring
  • Kayak/Paddle Board Rentals
  • Explore, Connect Deeper to yourself & Build Sisterhood

Enrollment is now Open! 

~Payment Plan~

- $250 Deposit & 1 Additional Monthly Payments for a Total of $500 

Spots are Limited so Reserve Your Spot Today!

~Pay in Full~

1 payment of $500

Spots are Limited so Reserve Your Spot Today!

Pay in Full

Payment Plan

How long is the retreat?

3 Days & 2 Nights


There are 9 spaces available for a total of 10 of us


If you enjoy yoga + hiking and being in the outdoors, don't mind sleeping in a tent on a futon and want to build sisterhood, then this is for you!


There will be group coaching a week before and 2 weeks after the retreat. This allows time for everyone to get to know eachother before and to help stay in the momentum from the retreat so you can implement your desires & goals


Early Bird Pricing is a $150 deposit required at the time of signing up and then 3 additional payments for a total of $600

Price increases to $700 after 2/10/24


This isn't your average yoga's not just yoga asana all day everyday. Here, we will incorporate asana (movement), pranayama (breathwork), meditation and other somatic practices along side exploration of the outdoors through hiking, lake time and of course going within


This is only a short weekend commitment, it's up to you to decide to take this further and continue the self discovery journey


Not have a choice, continue your personal growth journey or don't.

Who is this retreat for? Who is it NOT for?

This is for you if you are ready to create a yoga practice like you never have before. If you love the outdoors, hiking, camping and a cozy fire where you can burn the things that no longer serve you & create what does.

This is not for you if you don't desire adventure. If you have no interest in healing some sisterhood wounds and you have no desire to connect deeper to yourself

I'm Ready for Adventure!