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I'm Jen Fish

Nature is my church, I have such a love and admiration for adventure. Always seeking opportunities to live life to it's fullest expression & be Happy AF!

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Screw Your Pain Points!

April 20, 2021

I'm Jen Fish

Nature is my church, I have such a love and admiration for adventure. Always seeking opportunities to live life to it's fullest expression & be Happy AF!

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I’m a disrupter, I’m a rulebreaker and I’m here to shift the paradigm in the coaching industry.

This idea and concept of selling people what they want and then giving them what they need is bull crap and I’m not here for it.

I’m not here to profit off your pain points and shove them in your face and make you think I have the miracle secret sauce formula to solve all your problems…nope, I no longer subscribe to this belief that the only way to be a successful coach or yoga teacher is to hit your pain points.

I’m here to help, teach, guide, facilitate and coach you back home to yourself because you already have all the answers inside you

You were born perfect, whole and complete and somewhere along the line someone told you that you weren’t.

I’ve been told by every marketing, sales and biz coach that I need to solve a problem, that I need to speak to my ideal client’s pain points, that I need to have a specific niche and that no one pays for mindset work or life coaching.

And they’re right

Most of us pay for things because we think it’s going to solve all our problems

That once you lose the weight then you’ll be happy

Once I make more money, then I’ll be happy

Once I find my niche, then the clients will come

Once I get out of debt, then I’ll be happy

Once I find the love of my life, then I’ll be happy

Once I have this thing…then I’ll be happy

You picking up what I’m putting down?

I can’t promise you weight loss, more money or finding the love of your life or help you get out of debt

You already know how to do that

You can download meal plans & workouts online for free

There’s a ton of articles & blog posts and how to make money

Tips and tools and resources for pretty much anything you want

And yet you’re still searching, you’re still looking, you’re still waiting, wishing, hoping & praying that this xyz freebie is going to be the answer

I know because I do the same damn thing too!

You are the solution, believe in you, trust in yourself, make you and your growth a priority IF THAT’S WHAT YOU DESIRE

I’m a dope ass space holder

I love teaching and practicing yoga and meditations

I love helping women release identities, beliefs, habits, thoughts that no longer serve them so they can create their own, discover their passions and to whole ass their life because they enjoy the journey not because of any other thing

I teach yoga & meditation classes to help people be more present, to help people connect to themselves not some weird ass niche specific thing

I coach for the same reason, to help women process these old beliefs that have been deeply rooted in us so we can be more present so we can be a creator of our own lives

I spent years searching for my “purpose” in life

Making my job mean more than what it was that once I find my purpose in the work I do, then I’ll be fulfilled, then I’ll be satisfied, then I’ll be happy

The problem I solve is helping you find you again and if that’s not “enough” of a problem I’m still going to be teaching, guiding and facilitating yoga & meditation classes even if no one shows up

I’m still offering 1:1 even if people don’t buy my be present approach

I’m still offering my group programs because there’s power in sisterhood

So when you decide to google some how to….sit with yourself and ask

What do I really need?

What do I truly desire?

Who can support me on this journey?

Is it really the checklist of do xyz and then your problem will be solved or is it for someone to hold space for you to process, someone to hold you accountable, someone to validate your feelings and emotions vs. your story, someone to give you the tools to continue on your own?

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