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Reflect, Release, Renew 90min Workshop

Create resolutions and a theme for 2022 that are based around your core values, desires & current beliefs. No more saying the same things over & over and not following through...what do you want to Embody this year?

Resolutions to come back home to yourself

Reflect on where you've been, release what you no longer want in your life, renew what you want more of! In this workshop we will focus on your core values, desires & beliefs so you can live in your purpose & follow your passions

Reflect, Release, Renew Workshop

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February 13th, 2022 @ 9am pst


A deep dive 90min intensive via zoom, where we go in & out of meditative states that connect you to your souls desires. Starting with Reflecting on where you've been (the good, the bad & the ugly), Releasing anything that you don't want to continue doing/being in 2022, and Renewing what you want more of or maybe put on the backburner because ya know...life

What's included?

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We'll meet on zoom, a workbook will be provided via email with all the links & the deets to join

How It Works

This is for women who are tired of saying they are going to do xyz and then never follow through. 

Who's It For

The return is you becoming more aware of what you truly desire in your life, focusing on 1-3 things you truly want to improve and then moving forward. Consider this a road map to building your foundation to growth

Are There Returns

Reflect, Release & Renew?

Create Resolutions to come back home to yourself.

Are you ready to

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